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Relocating to the UK

It was midday in the month of June in New York City, and Marcia had just enough time to drop off her apartment keys to her mum and say her tearful goodbyes. One year earlier to this day, Marcia had met Adrian at a Movie Industry Gala Ball, and to cut a long story short they fell deeply in love and he had spent 6 months living in her apartment. Back and forth from his home in England. But now Marcia and Adrian decided that it was time to spend their lives together and get engaged and live in England, permanently for a while.

Adrian lived at his parent’s estate in Guildford, Surrey. Whilst Adrian didn’t live directly with his parents in the main house, he had an outhouse in the grounds which gave him his own privacy and a bit of independence.

Marcia had never even been to England. Before she had always taken vacations in America and the Caribbean Islands. Going to England was going to be a whole new experience for her, and waiting for her at Gatwick would be her love, Adrian.

It was the day that Adrian had been looking forward to all month; Marcia was due to be walking through the arrivals gate any minute and they would be together again. Adrian had been at work all morning, at Epsom Race Course. His parents owned several race horses and had a livery stable nearby. He couldn’t wait to show Marcia the horses.

Adrian had a huge bouquet of flowers and the biggest smile across his face and as he saw her he just let out a loud ‘hello…..’

Marcia ran towards Adrian and embraced him with all the strength in her body; they kissed passionately and held each other for what seemed like an eternity.

Once they had got Marcia’s luggage, they made their way out of Gatwick and made went on their way to Guildford. Marcia had never seen so much lush green countryside before. ‘It is so beautiful around here Adrian’ she said in a happy voice. Adrian agreed as he had loved living around these parts all his life, just the right distance from London and close enough to Gatwick for those quick getaways.

Frolics in Finchley

It was 21:30pm in Finchley, North London, and a group of close friends sat at the dinner table. Each partner sat opposite their spouse. Anna was married to Jacob, Reese was married to Harvey, and Rob was married to Darcy. Jacob swirled the red wine around in the glass and put it to his lips, all under the watchful eye of his wife Anna.

This evening was supposed to be a relaxed time between friends but Anna could never totally relax. She always felt there was something between Jacob and well just about everyone. She would accuse him of flirting with a lollipop lady whilst in a moving vehicle and even a lady checking them in for flights before a holiday.

Anna’s insecurities were hard to deal with but Jacob usually numbed it down with alcohol. If Anna wasn’t so busy watching Jacob she would have noticed that Darcy was looking at Jacob’s lips and inside Darcy’s mind she was imagining a lot more than Jacob sipping his wine.

Darcy knew of Jacob’s pain of dealing with Anna and all of her accusations, but she also knew that Jacob was a good man and would never step outside of his marriage. The question Darcy needed to ask herself was why was she feeling so quick to step outside her own marriage.

Rob was a good husband, he looked after her and the kids, he went to work and paid the bills, but something called a ‘Spark’ was missing. Darcy was willing to risk everything because she needed that ‘Spark’, that embrace that meant something, that skin to skin contact that made her hairs in the back of her neck stand up. It would never happen with Rob, even Rob knew it…

Why choose Sparkles….

Remember the Ronseal advert, does what it says on the tin? Well that ethos is something we feel very strongly about. That resonates with us because we feel like we bring that Sparkle into the lives all who whom we meet and interact with. We care, we take our time and make quality over quantity decisions and we are highly courteous with all the people we come across.

We research and extensively know all areas we cover. So, from Essex Escorts to Hertfordshire Escorts and from North London Escorts to East London Escorts, we know where to find the best spots if your looking for a massage or a cocktail for two- we know how to cater to you. So, from Hornchurch Escorts to Bow come give us a go and we won’t let you go!

What do we do? We are the butter between the bread and the filling, we simply keep it all together. We introduce people together and provide a knowledgeable service for our clients. We immerse ourselves into local areas that we cover, for example if a client was due to stay in Canary Wharf and was looking for a hotel to stay in, we could give that Client our recommendation of where to stay, where to dine out and perhaps that client might want some company for that evening meal.

We are that excellent service, we are the ones who know where to find that best Brazilian steak in Greenwich, we are the ones who know where to shake your groove thang in Westminster, get dirty in Dulwich and get peckish in well Peckham. We could rhyme all day with the knowledge we have on London Escorts and surrounding counties.

So why book with us? Why not book with us – is more the question, we don’t use over glamourised photoshopped images to entice you in, we are the real deal and we strive to perfection and we don’t photoshop that. We give you a realistic time frame and keep you informed always. We look after our clients and repeat business is appreciated and we do not take that for granted.

Welcome to our world, a Sparkles world, pleasure to have you on board xx

That 90’s feeling

Jenni was lounging on the sofa flicking through her Instagram account and paying attention to one account that she had been messaging a guy on, this guy was someone that she briefly met when she was 18 years old and back then he was good looking. Jenni was not confident back when she was 18 and not comfortable with her sexuality and how she conducted herself as a female, so approaching Ricky was not an option for her at that time. But now in her late 30’s Jenni was more than confident with her sexuality and was ready to meet up with Ricky, as she checked out his pictures she thought although he had aged he was still as handsome as he was back then, a defined symmetrical face with brown hazel eyes and full lips.

There was no mistaking that Jenni was feeling great feelings of lust for Ricky now all she had to do was wait for him to ask her out on a date, their Insta chats had been leading towards it and it seemed that neither one was ready to take that leap into the unknown. Jenni closed her eyes and imagined Ricky from head to toe, he is around 5’11 from Caribbean decent with a bald head, hazel eyes and the most handsome face with full lips that she just wanted to kiss and kiss, his body was gym defined and muscular, slight grey chest hairs which showed his maturity in his good looks. Jenni thought this is more than physical lust she had a need to want to listen to him talk and converse with her about his studies and what he had achieved at his recent studies into business.

Jenni thought this is getting to much and needed to take a shower to distract her brain from over thinking to much about Ricky, so off to the shower she went, “ hmm lets have a posh shower” and Jenni selected the Molton Brown shower gel and climbed into the shower, after lathering up her body with the distinctive smell of pink peppercorns she stood underneath the monsoon shower head and felt the patter of the water over her face, ohh this felt so good.

Whist Jenni was in the shower dreaming of distant shores far far away, Ricky was on his Instagram account and thinking of Jenni and how he wanted some physical intimacy with her, Ricky could only think of the physical side of things and wasn’t interested in anything further at this stage. Ricky stopped at a picture of Jenni in her bikini whilst in holiday in Barbados, wow what a figure, full breasts and long hair down to her bum, “oh the things I could do with that body”, what he wanted to do was tell Jenni to come over right now and arrive naked at his door with just a coat on!

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What to do in Kingston xx

Kingston upon Thames is also known as Kingston, is in the South West of London. Another one of London’s historical places steeped in history. But with Kingston you will also find a bustling nightlife and a young vibe about the place.

Our Kingston Escorts are fun and ready to party and show you what the South West has to offer. You will find plenty of clubs and bars to go out in, in fact you might struggle to stay at one as there is a big choice! Kingston’s pubs, clubs and bars are known for having a lively and fun atmosphere.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay whilst in Kingston, you will find a real mix in accommodation. From luxury hotels to more intimate cosy bed and breakfasts and budget hotels to suit your pockets. Advance booking is recommended as Kingston is a busy area.

Our Surrey Escorts in Kingston like the finer things in life, and in Kingston there is the perfect getaway to compliment this. Why not stay at Warren House, this would truly make your date with one of escorts completely perfect.

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TGirls’ Rock!

Please give a warm Sparkles welcome to our friend Debbie. Let’s cut to the chase. Debbie wasn’t always known as Debbie, and was born into this world as Colin.Yep we said it, a boy’s name and now this individual is known by a girl’s name.

Debbie wouldn’t have it any other way. It has been a road that has had many hurdles and blocked paths along the way, but she wouldn’t have changed a thing as the person she is now, is the person that she always felt she should be.

That’s enough talking from us, this is Debbie’s’ story, let her tell it exactly how it is.

“I have one word for you- ‘Support’. Anyone who is considering or going through any transition in life, whatever it maybe, you need support. Support makes all the difference and without it, you really would have a difficult time.

I am not going to go in-depth about my whole experience and how and why I become the person I am today; I am going to give you the ‘in a nutshell version’. From a young age I knew I wasn’t feeling the way my body looked, and I felt different to all the other boys and my emotions felt different too. It wasn’t all physical. I was lucky that my mum understood and was my main form of support until I came across more support in my local area. Now there is a lot more to it and I could write you a whole novel on the whole Transgender ‘label’, but I wanted to show you a fun side to the Trans Scene and what is going on in London in regards to Trans/sexual/gender.

London is host to some great T Girl club nights, and I have never felt so great and comfortable in one place. It’s always best to keep up with these club nights as you get to meet a great network of friends and my favourite word “Support” comes into play again. I have had the greatest Support ever from my TGirls.

Look how the world has changed and now we even have magazines and fashion and wardrobes to meet our new worlds.

A typical girl’s night out for me is, well a typical girl’s night out! I start off at my friend’s house, we usually drink a bottle of Prosecco whilst we are chatting about where we are going and about our week. We then have a good old bitch about our bosses at work!

Now on our nights out we actually get dressed at the venue, a lot of T girl themed nights have dressing/changing rooms and space/lockers to leave bags. Now this is for some people that prefer to arrive in their civilian clothing and then spice up their look. Each to their own and there is no wrong or right way of doing things.

So an Uber cab is ordered and we make our way to a top London venue. I like getting all dolled up with my fellow clubbers, great place in the dressing room to exchange makeup tutorials and tips. I tend to watch numerous YouTube videos and have even joined Pinterest for even more tips and looks. I am particularly favourable to ‘Benefit’ makeup at the moment as their packaging has instructions in them, (I am saying all this with sheer happiness).

I hope that you, yes you reading this, will come along to a Tgirl night and see all the fun we are having. Xx Ciao Darlings xx”

Putting the Heart into Hertfordshire

As Alexi pointed her petite leg out and put on her lacy holdup, she looked up at the clock on the wall, it was almost 10.45pm and Alexi’s regular in call client would be on his way. Alexi was happy and somewhat excited to see him as they had been acquainted for over a year now. After the in-call service they had planned to go out and about in Hertfordshire, as Dave wanted to get to know the area more.

As he would be property investing in Hertfordshire, Alexi was handy in more ways than one as she was born and bred in the area. Alexi‘s parents took pride in themselves of being of the ‘Upper Class’ of St Albans, and frequently held garden parties in the summer and autumn months to keep up appearances with the village ‘know it all’s’.

Little did they really know, and if they did ever find out about Alexi’s extracurricular activities, her parents would emigrate to Australia. Alexi’s infamous client was getting the train in from London St Pancreas Station into St Albans and was staying overnight so he could get properly acquainted with the area in the morning. Luckily enough, Alexi had an annex at the bottom of her parents’ house.

The grounds were large enough to have privacy and to get away with all the naughty nights of passion and ecstasy that Alexi frequently got up to. But for tonight the red wine and canapés and of course Alexi’s company would be enough to keep him entertained. She carefully run her fingers through her blonde tousled hair and looked at herself in the mirror and pouted her lips as she put on her extremely wet looking lip gloss.

Some of the other girls at the agency wondered why Alexi even entertained this line of work, as her parents were considerably wealthy and she came from such a good background and she was university educated, but she had always chased her own dreams and went against the grain of what was expected of her. Secretly she had a passion for Burlesque and having the admiration of men and women, for her body. Alexi did provide an out-call service for a select number of special clients. She kept her business very quiet and confidential as her parents were very well known in the St Albans area and it would destroy them socially if ‘Word’ was to ever get out, but Alexi knew that the St Albans elite indulged in more than just champagne and oyster’s darling.

Alexi thought that in the morning that her and Dave could drive through to Hemel Hempstead and to Watford to get a good idea of some locations for investment. Dave already had a portfolio of some low rents properties in Stevenage and some market properties in Bishops Stortford already. Truthfully, he didn’t really need Alexi’s help, but he liked her company and in a way, he valued her opinion. Although they started out as a client and escort, and although he still paid to be in her presence, they had become firm friends.

Relaxing in The City

Adam had been planning a day off work for months, his scheduled appointments and bookings had him running about non stop and he was tired. So with this all on his shoulders, his day off from the world was going to be perfect. A morning session in the gym followed by a massage and then a float in a Floatation pod. The idea behind all these was he was not going to be contactable at all.

Adam had recently moved into a new apartment in Paddngton and was getting used to the area and all it had to offer. His previous location was in trendy Earls Court, but he had found a property close to his mother and he wanted to be closer to home as his mum needed him around more. But that didn’t mean he had forgotten the lights and fun of London City.

As Adam drove into Bayswater and back to his favourite area he reminisced drinking shots with his mates by Kensington and drunkenly walking in the fountains by Docklands in Canary wharf. He loved the quaint village life in Hertfordshire, but nothing compared to the dazzling thrill of London life. In fact nothing compares to his Blonde Bombshell whispering in his ear whilst she strokes his neck and says “Welcome to Sparkles Riley”…. To be continued

The REAL Central London Escorts!

Are your Bored of the same usual Escort Agency Websites from Central London Escorts Agencies?

Most Central London Escort Agencies advertise the regular In Call and Out Call Experiences you can enjoy with London Escorts, by visiting them in Knightsbridge and Kensington or to ask for a discreet visit to your Home or Hotel situated perhaps in Hyde Park or Mayfair. Seeing the same Services time after time can be quite repetitive and boring, that’s why Sparkles Escort Agency is putting a huge sprinkle of Sexy Escort Glitter back into the Adult Entertainment Industry.

Based over several Boroughs, London comprises of many famous Hotels and Eateries, but do you know Central London’s Sexiest Hot Spots?

Sure, you know the famous Strip Clubs like Spearmint Rhino or Stringfellows but how about the real Sexy London Escorts – Where can you find them?

With only a short Taxi Ride away you can be relaxing in the newly refurbished ‘Gas Light Club’ at SW1Y 6LA. This Gentleman’s Club is for the discerning man and by being close to Park Lane Escorts, Kensington Slim Escorts, St. James and Piccadilly escorts – We are sure the location is a great place to enjoy a romantic date with a Central London female escort.

London is a great getaway for Couples who would like to see a Bi-Sexual Escort or Duo Escort. Sparkles Escorts provides incalls and Out Calls to suit all dreams and fantasies.

How about arranging a Fabulous time with a Mature Escort or Girlfriend Experience Escorts at an event by Pleasure Island Parties. There is a really good selection of British Escorts and Eastern European Escorts advertised on the Sparkles Escort Agency Gallery.

Not only are there Sparkles Escorts elite and high-end escorts, but there are also Cheap and sexy Brunette and Blonde Escorts available in Lancaster Gate and Bayswater 24/7.

Bayswater is situated next to Paddington where you and your chosen London escorts can go to Secrets in Euston and watch some alluring ladies tantalize and tease you whilst you party the night away!

After a few drinks with your curvy Sparkles Escort, the “Dutch courage” may have gone to where you could have an experience of a lifetime at one of London’s Torture Garden Events. (Have a look here for the event diary). There you can experience what a real Dominatrix is about and then have one visit you as an out call. Central London Escorts are easily Booked Now! For both In and Out Call visits, but you may also be planning a longer Girlfriend Experience so Pre-Booking is ideal. You can find the form on our Bookings Page, or by calling 07470627730.

Welcome to Sparkles Escorts

We would like to welcome you to Sparkles Escorts, the hottest escort agency in Essex! We are a new, up and coming escort agency located in several areas in and around London including Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.

Here at Sparkles escorts we take pride in delivering the highest quality of service to all of our customers with unmatched beauty in all of our girls.

We have spent a lot of time to ensure that you have the most satisfying experience possible, from our website and the people we work with to the customer service staff and most importantly the girls, we have made sure that every step of the way is easy and relaxing for you to find and meet your dream girl.

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Our girls are all hand picked to make sure that they all match who they say they to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting.

If discretion your top priority then know it is one of ours too, a lot of our girls have an In Call service so that you can visit them in their homes and don’t have to worry about any unwanted complications.

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An encounter with Raissa

‘Ceau’, Raissa says when she greets you at the door, this means Hello in Romanian. Your eyes look her up from head to toe, her sleek brunette hair looks flawless and her slender but strong body engages your senses. Her pert breasts, flat stomach and those gorgeous long legs entice your thoughts even further. Raissa beckons you in, low lights and a soft smell of vanilla makes you feel welcome.

You enter her wonderful accomodation taken away by how clean and tidy it is, you start to look around noticing interesting items here and there, but your eyes always wander back to the beautiful woman in front of you, she’s oozing with sex appeal. Just as you start to think of what to say, she asks you if you would like a drink and her piercing green eyes capture your attention. You look deeply into her eyes and almost forget where you are until your gaze moves to her lips, she is wearing a scarlet lipstick that makes her lips look delicious, you want a taste.

She mouths “do you want ice with your drink”, and her tongue licks her bottom lip. Your hands start to sweat a little, your heart begins to pump and you just can’t take your eyes off her. You think to yourself “Raissa looks beautiful beyond all measure”, her appearance today is immaculate and you can’t believe that she’s actually stood there in front of you. Raissa leans over the counter to fetch a glass and you get a glimpse of her perky bum, you’re ready to melt right there and then, but the hardness in your trousers reminds you of what she is there for…..

Richmond is not just for Royalty xx

Welcome to Richmond upon Thames. This is known as London’s most attractive borough and a favourite retreat of Royalty. Not forgetting the rich and famous as well.

Richmond with its Royal parks and historic houses and beautiful museums and galleries will keep visitors amused and entertained for hours, but when the night falls and you’re looking for some more intimate amusement why not call us and we will match you up with one of our Richmond Ladies? Our Richmond ladies fit the bill for an exclusive area and are refined and sexy to boot!

With many hotels and bed & breakfast accommodation in the area you will find a room with a perfect view, and places to dine and unwind. Let us take you on a sophisticated but sexual journey and seek out your inner most desires.

If you’re looking for affluence then Richmond is your borough. Some of its scenic views are even protected by Parliament.

There are some lovely adventures to have in Richmond, accompanied by one of our fine Elite Escorts please call Sparkles Escorts on 07470627730 and discuss what your wants and needs are. Please let us take the stress out of finding a perfect escort so you may have the time of your life. Remember there is always an escort close by, so please do pick up the phone and give us a call xx

Introduction to the Counties

Welcome to the Home Counties, Sparkles Style. Surrounding our Great City of London, we have Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Kent, Essex, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex and Hertford. Buckinghamshire, otherwise known as Bucks, borders London to the southeast and is known for its picturesque views. Let’s explore a little deeper into Buckinghamshire.

Sparkles recommends having a good time whilst in the area. Pink Punters is a night club with 650 capacity over three floors, including a chilled attic bar. This is located in Milton Keynes, with a brilliant atmosphere and the bouncers make you feel safe. If you’re looking for a less busy place to have a drink, you can visit Revolution, which is a bright chain bar with a nice food menu. Looking for somewhere to stay whilst in Buckinghamshire? you will find your usual standard hotels, such as Travel-lodge, and the Holiday Inn. If you would like something a bit more up market, you will find the Hilton Hotel in Milton Keynes, De Vere Venues, Bell House Crown Plaza in Marlow, and Novotel.

Next we will shine some Sparkles on Berkshire, which is the county southeast of England. Located to the west of London, it is also being known as the Royal County of Berkshire. Famously known for its points of interest such as Windsor Castle, Basildon Park, and Ascot racecourse. The most known nightspots in Berkshire are The Scotch in Goswell Hill, Angels Nightclub in Skimped Hill Lane and Studio 15 which is another night club in Windsor. It is a nightclub with a cocktail lounge and hosts weekly R&B and house music. It has a great crowd.

For somewhere to stay and rest your head whilst in Berkshire, look at areas such as Reading, Windsor, Newbury, Slough, Maidenhead, Bracknell, Ascot, and Wokingham. You will find many fine and luxurious hotels, which come under the Pride of Britain Hotels review.


Kent borders Greater London to the South-east and Surrey.


Points of interest include Leeds Castle, White Cliffs of Dover, Dover castle, and Chartwell. Sparkles recommends Club Chemistry, Bar Fusion, and Time Night Club. Club chemistry in Canterbury gives you different music ranging from chart music to dance, R&B and hip-hop. This over three floors in a large venue. Places where you can stay are the Castle bed-and-breakfast Marquis, the Sands Hotel, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, Hilton Dartford Bridge and the Hilton in Maidstone.

Essex is a county set just outside the North East of London. In Essex there is Highlands House, Tropical Wings Zoo, Colchester Castle, and Adventure Island in Southend. Essex has become a very glamorous county of recent times. You will find the TV show The Only Way Is Essex is filmed here which engages with areas such as Brentwood, Loughton, and Epping. Essex has some great night spots and lively bars which is Sparkles delight, as they are very glitz and Glam! You will find club 195 in Epping and The Sugar Hut in Brentwood. If you’re looking to splash the cash whilst in Essex look no further than Lakeside which is a large shopping centre with all the High Street stores and some classy expensive places to spend your money. You will find many boutiques dotted around Essex to find some unique gifts and personal shopping. Looking for five-star luxury while staying in Essex? Look no further than the Radisson Blue Hotel at London Stansted Airport, Crown Plaza Resort in Colchester, Waltham Abbey Marriot Hotel, Greenwoods Hotel and Spa, and Meridian Apartments which are situated in Southend-On-Sea.

Middlesex, set west of Greater London and north of the River Thames. Top hotels in Middlesex are Crown Plaza Heathrow, Hilton London Syon Park, Novatel London Brentford, Doubletree by Hilton London Heathrow Airport, Park grand London Heathrow. For fun packed day out look no further than Twickenham Stadium- which is the home stadium of English Rugby Union,

Middlesex University home to lots of students and they are always looking for things to do. You find the Royal Air Force Museum of London which is very close to Middlesex University, there is also Wembley Stadium tours, Hampstead Heath, and Kenwood House.

Surrey borders Greater London and in Surrey there is Brooklyn’s Museum, Hampton Court Palace, Thorpe park and Hatchlands Park. Sparkles recommends Rubiks nightclub in Stag Hill, McCluskeys nightclub on the Riverside Thames Street, and Tru nightclub. Luxury accomodation whilst in Surrey is Coworth Park Hotel which is a luxury five-star country hotel near Ascot. This is part of the Dorchester Collection. Also there is Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge. This has an iconic deco inspired interior and exterior and the world’s most successful Historic motor racing track running through its reception. Its bespoke artwork collection for the most dedicated of collectors.

What can Sparkles tell you about Sussex more than home to a great University? Sussex is from the old English self-Saxons and is a historic county in south-east of England, just one hour from London. Here at Sparkles we recommend the romantic settings of hotels in West Sussex. You will find South Lodge, an exclusive Hotel in Lower Beeding, Four Seasons in Hampshire, Gravetye Manor in East Grinstead .

West Sussex is like a scene from Midsummer Night’s Dream. Here at Sparkles we particularly like the Crab and Lobster in West Sussex and there are four attractive bedrooms upstairs plus a delightful two-bedroom self-catering cottage next door, to rent. A room is from £160 a night and you will find this very luxurious.

Hertfordshire is a county in southern England, bordering Bedfordshire to North Cambridgeshire. Sparkles recommends once in Hertfordshire, try the Paradise Wildlife Park, St Albans Cathedral, and Knebworth House. Add a little Sparkle to the hotels in Hertfordshire and you will find in the Boutique Hotel Guide, Handbury Manor Marriot Hotel and Country Club. According to the top 10 diner’s choice was eating in Hertfordshire are the Prime steak and Grill in St Albans, On The Green in Stevenage, and The Old Manner in Potters Bar.

Hope you enjoyed our Sparkles guide to the Home Counties and you enjoy your pleasurable visit. Please leave us a message and a review of how you find your appointment(s).

Duo Hertfordshire Escorts Take on Hertford

It was time to pack up, this year was done at University and Alexi had a gap year before the final stage of her degree…

She had decided to go to an area she had no affiliation with and have a year to work and earn some money. The only problem was if she rented on her own she would be liable for all the bills and how was that going to work out if she wanted to stash the cash! As Alexi sat there putting books into boxes, a familiar giggle was heard coming closer to her room. That giggle could only be Candy, and so it was her as she entered the room. “Hey Alexi” with an extended giggle, as she said Alexi’s name. She told Candy how she was leaving in a week and would be moving to Hertford and her plans she would be working and saving for a year.

Candy had planned to go home to her parent’s house in Letchworth which isn’t that far from Hertfordshire. But as the girls talked and they had an already established friendship it turned out that could rent together and have some fun. So those giggles down the corridor were a god send and that made Alexi’s day much sweeter.

Moving day come around so quick for the girls, that they had co-ordinated a moving van to collect all their belongings which included an extensive shoe collection from Candy and an extensive book collection from Alexi. The drive from Surrey to Hertfordshire wasn’t too long and they were soon in the lush green country lanes in Hertford; the Google Maps brought them to the new build block of flats in Hertford town.

Alexi had considered the area and decided that as it was close to the A10 motorway that it was accessible to London and close to bigger towns like Watford and Hatfield for shopping and bits needed for the flat. Whilst Alexi was in the van with the ever so hunky man driving it, Candy was making her own way in her convertible Audi TT which she chooses in bright fireman red to match the underneath of her Louboutin shoes……

Everyone deserves the right to….

It’s a warm summers evening and Adam has been busy all week at work, Adam works in Finance in Canary Wharf. He has a high profile job in hedge funds and his work pretty much controls his life. He finds his home is his office most of the time, no time for romance and finding the perfect wife. But Adam needs to release the built up tension in his mind and body and he feels frustrated.

‘What can I do to relieve all this tension I feel’, Adam thinks to himself. The office is almost empty and the evening cleaners have just arrived to start their evenings work. Sitting in his corner office, Adam has a full view of the trading floor and he sits back in his leather chair and rests his legs on his desk. Whilst admiring his polished shoes, Adam sees one of the cleaners bending over in her tight leggings to empty the waste paper bins. He has never paid attention to the cleaning staff before, usually they are frumpy older women and men and definitely not worthy of his time but for some reason this young attractive girl has sparked an interest in his head.

The cleaner’s cheap leggings are showing her lacy thong and as she bends over, and Adam can see the fullness of her perfectly rounded bottom. He can’t believe he is aroused by this and tries to look away. The cleaning staff never interact with anyone in the offices that they clean, they know it is not their place to and they risk losing the company contract if they do not do their job to the highest standard.

Erica is covering for one of the regular staff and it is her first time in these offices in Canary Wharf. ‘How prestigious and what a different way of life’ she thinks to herself. Erica bends over to reach for a bin under a desk and she is unaware of a pair of eyes penetrating through the glass looking at her, and as she turns round she sees a gentleman looking at her through the corner office. She quickly looks away and sees her supervisor a few desks away, he is busy with his checklist and clipboard and doesn’t see the look between her and the man in the corner office. She risks looking at him once more and sees that he is still looking at her, and Adam signals for her to follow him.

Erica looks back over at the supervisor and calls out to him that she needs to go to the lady’s room, he agrees and asks her to be quick. As she reached the rest room around the corner Adam is waiting outside,

The pair look at each other with pure lust, Adam pulls her into a cubicle and without any hesitation he kisses her full on the mouth and Erica almost melts to his soft but strong kiss, ” I don’t have much time” Erica says. Adam wants more than just a few seconds and he says ” give me your address and location and I will pick you up at 10pm if that suits you?” Erica gives him the information and before she exits the cubicle she grabs Adams hand and pulls him Adam and says in his ear ” you deserve to release your stress and I am the woman to do this for you”.

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Erica looks back over at the supervisor and calls out to him that she needs to go to the lady’s room, he agrees and asks her to be quick. As she reached the rest room around the corner Adam is waiting outside,

The pair look at each other with pure lust, Adam pulls her into a cubicle and without any hesitation he kisses her full on the mouth and Erica almost melts to his soft but strong kiss, ” I don’t have much time” Erica says. Adam wants more than just a few seconds and he says ” give me your address and location and I will pick you up at 10pm if that suits you?” Erica gives him the information and before she exits the cubicle she grabs Adams hand and pulls him Adam and says in his ear ” you deserve to release your stress and I am the woman to do this for you”.

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Where is the after party?

Alexi and Andrea were getting dressed at Andreas’ flat in Brentwood. They had planned to go to the Sugar Hut, which is a famous Essex night spot frequently visited by the stars of hit the T.V. show TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex). Andrea knew that they would have to be looking extra good to be let in at that venue.

They had both been shopping in Buckhurst Hill and Loughton in the afternoon and Queens Rd had some decent designer boutiques that had the right clothes for Sugar Hut. The girls only passed by Braintree to grab some lunch at another Essex hot spot. Essex had always been famous really, from its days on the telly with “Birds of a Feather” lording it up in Chigwell, to Essex girls making Romford and Barking and Dagenham famous for their Essex ways.

Princess didn’t live to far from Andrea and was from Ongar. Princess was from the ‘Upper Class Side’ of Ongar and if her family knew what she was up to in life she was sure she would be disowned. But she was happy and her bills were paid and no one seemed to ask any questions about how she earned her money. Maybe they buried their heads in the sand?

Andreas’ father was a barrister in The Chambers in London and her mother was a marketing manager in the same chambers. They were either always at work or at various functions and Andrea grew up with a German Au Pair guiding her in life. Little did her naïve parents know that the Au Pair was also a lady of the night, aka a Call Girl or now widely known as an Cheap Escort

A little bit of Battersea

If you was to Google the area “Battersea” the first item to come up would be the famous Battersea Dogs Home, then you would find Battersea Power station, situated on the south side of the River Thames. Battersea is near by to trendy and fashionable “Chelsea” and exquisite “Knightsbridge” and has excellent transport links to the rest of London, Clapham Junction Railway Station is the busiest station in the United Kingdom, although it’s called by neighbouring Clapham it’s geographic heart is Battersea.

Battersea is also the home or birth place to many notable people such as Bob Geldof, Simon Le Bon, Gordon Ramsey, Vivienne Westwood and Ronnie Biggs. Our Battersea girls are ready and able to fulfil your needs and desires, take a look at our Sparkles Escorts that cover the fabulous Battersea. Speak to Sparkles on 07470627730 and see who’s available for you tonight.

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Riks Knowledge

Sounds of yet another police siren echoed past Ricks mum’s council flat in Ware. Ambulances and fire trucks sounds were a regular noise around Rick’s estate, alongside the noise of the constant street chatter and wailing cats and howling dogs that is.

Rik was desperate to change his circumstances and wanted a better life for his mum too. Rick had been studying the knowledge to become a cabby for the County of Hertfordshire Taxi’s.

He had always seen himself as a cheeky chap and had a deep love for the country roads of Hertfordshire. The areas fascinated him and he always knew the back roads to everywhere, well at least in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire. Rick was never one to be a lazy mind, but the ease of being an Uber cab driver was pulling against his mind to join them. Rick’s long term girlfriend Alexi lived in Hertford, by Hertford East train station. Rick from a young lad, used to cycle there after school to go and see his childhood sweetheart, it’s all the cycling from Hatfield to Cheshunt, that started Rick on his thirst for Knowledge and his love for the streets and places of Hertfordshire. The police siren faded off into the distance, Rick smiled to himself and wondered how long until the next one!

Right he flicked back to his page in the country maps, ‘Now, the right route from Elstree to North Mymms to Bishops Stortford’, ‘and the quickest route but avoiding all known hotspots of traffic, right!’ he thought ‘I’ve got this’, it must be the knowledge that I do at least I will have that under my belt!’ Just as his brain was getting the routes all mapped out, Drakes tune ‘Hotline Bling’ rung on his phone, that was Alexi’s special ring tone. Although Alexi thought it was annoying Rick. He liked it as he thought Alexi was extra hot. She told Rick how annoying work was going for her that night. She worked in a trendy wine bar in Watford and it was frequently visited by regular Watford socialites.

The Area of Harlow

You will find Harlow in Essex, in the East of England. It is still known as the New Town Harlow and comprises of Newtown and Old Harlow.

Harlow is easily accessible to London and surrounding areas and you can reach there via the motorway M11 and by train. Harlow is also within easy reach of London Stansted Airport and bearing this in mind you will find lots of hotels and bed-and-breakfasts in and around the town.

Originally people were housed in New Town Harlow after the war to ease overcrowding in London, and there are some really lovely developments now such as new homes which have developed on old farmland.

Harlow town now has been through major regeneration and has a famous Water Gardens and landscape listed by English Heritage. You will also find hotels in the town centre and night clubs and nice wine bars. Whilst visiting Harlow you can spend time at the Playhouse Theatre, some of the many restaurants and once you are visiting the town why don’t you have share your time with one of our Sparkles Escorts? ‘Halle’ has won my night club in city centre and you will also find lots of pubs and wine bars all around.

Harlow has lots of green space you are find pets corner, Paradon Nature Reserve, Greyhound Stadium, Paradon Sports Club and lots of other outdoor activities to keep you busy.

Sparkles Essex girls will give you plenty to think about and enjoy whilst you are in the town, so why not give us a call on 07470627730.

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5 Top Hotels in London

London’s Top 5 Hotels

The Dorchester
If you are looking for London’s top luxury hotel, to entertain your chosen High-Class London Escort, please look no further than The Dorchester on London’s famous Park Lane. A Five Star hotel, boasting 250 rooms with some rooms having the Grandview of Hyde Park, to further enhance your views of London. All rooms have exquisite bathrooms with deep baths and white marble finishes, so your pleasure is never ending. It’s no wonder that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were frequent visitors of the hotel. Whilst the bedrooms are refined and luxurious, they are comfortable for 2 people to experience London at its finest. The Dorchester is renowned for its Superior afternoon tea, this is the only hotel to achieve the ‘T ‘ guild special award of excellence, five times. You can experience fine dining and exclusive dining for yourself and your special guest, cocktails to satisfy your urges and finer drinks during your stay. So why not enjoy your stay in London and compliment your evening with a Busty London Escort from Sparkles.

The Savoy
A luxury hotel located at the Strand in the city of Westminster. This hotel was the first luxury hotel in Britain, which entertained many clients having guests. Introducing the electric lights and electric lifts and lavishly furnished rooms, your stay will be fabulous especially accompanied by one our English or European London Escorts. Famous guests included Frank Sinatra, Lena Horne, Joan Crawford Charlie Chaplin, Babe Ruth, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles. With 268 rooms and with panoramic views of The River Thames, The Savoy Hotel is the first choice destination for exquisite rooms such as the Superior Queen decorated in Edwardian style, with many rooms overlooking the courtyard or city. Hence this brings ultimate privacy for you and your chosen guest. Food lovers and drink connoisseurs will be blessed with delights from the kitchens. Gordon Ramsay Savoy Grill presents a classic British grill with the French touch. If you are a lover of seafood, Kaspar’s seafood bar and grill offers fresh and smoked fish, oysters and caviar to really wet your tastebuds!! Whilst this is an outstanding Hotel, discretion is assured for you and your Discreet Brunette Escort. Enjoy the ultimate experience, relax in our amazing sensual bathrooms and close away in your room for a romantic night.

The Shangri-La
The brand new extravagant Shangri-La Hotel, at The Shard, London, is based on the 34th-52nd floors of the Renzo Piano’s building. Within the hotel you have floor to ceiling windows that floods the room with natural light, enhancing the special time with your Elite London Escort. With breathtaking views of London and The River Thames, you can watch the whole city unfold from your room. With easy access to many destinations in London to entertain your Escort, you will be having the time of your lives partying away together. Discretion is once again assured, and the ability to snuggle in your room in privacy will put your mind at rest . With use of the infinity pool on level 52, the city galleries of Tate Modern and St Paul’s Cathedral within easy reach, you will be fully entertained, adjoined of course with the night entertainment in the city. It would truly compliment your visit to London, by staying at The Shangri-La with your chosen High-End London Escort.

The Ritz
The Ritz Hotel has acquired its famous name through the prestige services it boasts, with the use of chauffeurs, butlers and baggage storage. From superior rooms, to full 4-5 bedroom suites, this hotel is fabulous for accommodating your chosen Blonde London Escort for your stay. With signatory beauty treatments, to fine wine and dining this hotel caters for everyone. There are special weekend deals, 24 hour room service in an excellent location with great transport links, this has to be ideal for your trip. With trained staff to the highest level, and the quality at its highest, it’s quiet hard not to think this wouldn’t be ideal for a fantastic stay in the country’s capital city. Magnificently decorated it would make any 24/7 London Party Escort feel like a princess. Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace only a stone’s throw away, we are sure you will enjoy your magical stay with your escort.

Mandarin Oriental.
The Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park is a hotel of luxury and elegance. This hotel is in the centre of the capital, with famous restaurants and a well renowned spa. Only the Mandarin Oriental could provide such private luxury but be in the heart of all the entertainment in the city. There are 167 rooms to choose for you and your guest, or maybe one of the 26 personalised suites would fulfil your stay better? Not only does The Mandarin Oriental have exquisite taste for details, these bedrooms really do cater for your personal stay. Both you and your guest has the choice of cocktails, Afternoon tea and French bistro dining alongside British cuisine by Heston Blumenthal. There is a Spa and Wellness centre that has been voted one of the best in the world, so you and your Sexy London Escort can relax together and unwind. After some fine dining you may wish to walk with your guest across the 350 acres of land which is Hyde Park .

Escorts in Ilford and Stratford

In the Northeast of London you will find the large cosmopolitan town of Ilford. It has a largely populated area since the London Olympics 2012. Easily accessible by the A406 and the A12, Ilford is easy to reach and you can explore its Eastern delights. Talking of delights our Ilford Escorts will delight you in every way possible.

If your looking for plush night out look no further than Faces nightclub for a taste of Essex and Bling and Glam. We have a array of our Escorts at your fingertips to lead you up their stockings to the heavens of delight! Let us know what your looking for and dial us on 07470 627730 and tell an English speaking operator at Sparkles Escorts. Your desires and expectations and your date will arrive in good time.

If your looking for somewhere to stay you will find plenty of discreet and comfortable hotels to stay in Ilford and prices to suit all budgets. Looking to party, you will find plenty of bars and clubs in Ilford hill and Cranbrook Road you will find some trendy bars. Our Ilford Escorts can always show you the hotspots and they can also find your hotspots “wink” wink”.

Stratford is the heart of East London. The area of Stratford has undergone some serious redevelopment and has great sports venues such as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London Aquatics Center and attractive properties to boost the area, not forgetting Stratford now has the prestigious shopping Centre known as Westfield. This even has it’s own postcode as it’s so large. So if your visiting the area or live here in Stratford why not have one of our Stratford Girls come and show you a good time.  Our Stratford Escorts can show you the finest restaurants in the area. If your looking for Chinese food, Brazilian or Greek let us know and we will show you the best Stratford has to offer.  Also in Stratford’s Westfield City there is the Uk’s biggest casino also boosting a 17 screen cinema. Why not invite one of our ladies to accompany you for the night for a glamorous girlfriend experience.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to hotels in the area, from Holiday Inn’s to the luxury apartments you will find it all in Stratford. Our girls find it easy to commute around London whether they have a driver or using Stratford’s transport hub which has excellent rail, tube and bus links.