A high class woman in red lingerie posing seductively in a room.

Duo Escorts Take on Hertford

It was time to pack up, this year was done at University and Alexi had a gap year before the final stage of her degree…

She had decided to go to an area she had no affiliation with and have a year to work and earn some money. The only problem was if she rented on her own she would be liable for all the bills and how was that going to work out if she wanted to stash the cash! As Alexi sat there putting books into boxes, a familiar giggle was heard coming closer to her room. That giggle could only be Candy, and so it was her as she entered the room. “Hey Alexi” with an extended giggle, as she said Alexi’s name. She told Candy how she was leaving in a week and would be moving to Hertford and her plans she would be working and saving for a year.

Candy had planned to go home to her parent’s house in Letchworth which isn’t that far from Hertfordshire. But as the girls talked and they had an already established friendship it turned out that could rent together and have some fun. So those giggles down the corridor were a god send and that made Alexi’s day much sweeter.

Moving day come around so quick for the girls, that they had co-ordinated a moving van to collect all their belongings which included an extensive shoe collection from Candy and an extensive book collection from Alexi. The drive from Surrey to Hertfordshire wasn’t too long and they were soon in the lush green country lanes in Hertford; the Google Maps brought them to the new build block of flats in Hertford town.

Alexi had considered the area and decided that as it was close to the A10 motorway that it was accessible to London and close to bigger towns like Watford and Hatfield for shopping and bits needed for the flat. Whilst Alexi was in the van with the ever so hunky man driving it, Candy was making her own way in her convertible Audi TT which she chooses in bright fireman red to match the underneath of her Louboutin shoes……