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Question: Who are "Sparkles Escorts"

Answer: Sparkles Escorts are an outstanding Essex escort agency that provides a wide variety of escorts at a reasonable price to discerning clients in the area. We are proud of the high bar that we have set and the exceptional girls that we are willing to represent.

Our girls range from slim escorts to busty escorts and from blonde escorts to brunette escorts as we try to cater to all of our clients by providing them with a range of escorts that is both enticing and diverse. We understand that some people may love 'barbie' girls and others may love the more traditional look, this is why we have tried so hard to recruit the perfect girls for you, our loyal clients.

As an agency, we aim to uphold a professional and reliable reputation by ensuring that our clients get exactly what they ask for, time and time again. We don't settle for anything less than perfection, so if you're sick of agencies that waste your time then don't worry, those days are over.

We aim to make the whole bookings process as simple and streamlined as possible, ensuring that from the minute you visit our website to the moment you meet your companion, you will feel rewarded for your efforts. Not only do we try to make our website user-friendly, we also provide our customers with excellent customer service through the contact details listed on our website. We respond to all contact as quickly as possible to ensure that clients are kept happy any problems raised, we aim to resolve promptly as well.

Fortunately for us here at Sparkles, we have a wonderful selection of girls which you can see in our gallery and a pleasant clientele who we very much enjoy to cater to. We appreciate the friendly faces that choose to book with us repeatedly and we really do value your loyalty. We have received plenty of fantastic feedback which is one reason why we have continued to prosper. This feedback, however, doesn't come without hard work, dedication and a truly caring about our clients.

In terms of prices, we boast some of the lowest prices in the area and not because our girls are anything less than our competitors, on the contrary, we choose to lower our prices for the sake of our customers. We feel that the escort industry is a vital part of society and it is important to provide our clients with the perfect girls, at the perfect prices. We love to build a connection with our clients so that next time they book with us they are able to feel comfortable knowing that their needs will be taken care of. This way we are able to provide cheap Essex escorts of high quality.

Question: Are our models verified?

Answer: Yes, at Sparkles Escorts our recruitment process is very rigorous and we ensure that all models are verified before allowing them to join our well-renowned agency. We understand that when booking a companion, you expect to meet the person who you booked and anything less than this is unacceptable.

Question: Why should I choose to book with Sparkles Escorts?

Answer: Sparkles is a fresh-faced, 100% genuine escort agency that is the sparkling "go-between", for clients and escorts. When booking with our agency you don't have to worry about fake girls, unrealistic prices, long booking processes or bad websites. All of our girls are verified, we offer some of the best prices in the area and our bookings process is simple and straightforward.

The range of girls that we provide is outstanding and if you have never booked with us before, you're in for a treat. Each of our girls has been carefully selected, recruited and trained to deliver the exceptional escort service you expect.

Question: Can I trust your agency?

Answer: Yes. At Sparkles Escorts we put great pride in the fact that we are a genuine and trustworthy escort agency. We take great care of our clients the same way that we take care of our escorts and we will ensure that your discretion, safety and enjoyment are a priority at all times.

Question: Are escorts information genuine, accurate and up to date?

Answer: Yes. At Sparkles Escorts we ensure that each of our models is verified and all information is double-checked and verified before uploading it to our website.

Question: How long have you been in business?

Answer: Sparkles Escorts began as an agency in July 2018 and although our agency is relatively fresh to the scene, the combination of great work ethics, high standards, outstanding feedback and a wonderful team is why we have become so successful.

We are proud to announce that our agency is already one of the top escort agencies in the areas we operate and I expect that this trend will continue in future as we continue to dazzle our clients with reliable bookings and professional companionship.

Question: What are your opening times?

Answer: We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; with this being said, our girls work at different times so it's always worth calling in advance if you are aiming to book a particular companion.

Question: Where are you located?

Answer: Sparkles Escorts provide first class companionship, in the following areas:

Question: What type of escorts do you provide?

Answer: For now the categories of escorts we provide include:

Question: What is the difference between an in-call booking and an outcall?

Answer: In the escorting industry clients are able to book escorts for a variety of purposes, from dinner dates to business functions to travel companions; however usually escort agencies will offer clients two main ways in which they can book so that they can better price the evening ahead.

In the past people had to make the tough choice of either booking a girl from a dark street or booking a model in hotels and at the comfort of their own home. These days people are able to choose from in-call and outcall bookings and once the choice is made, a lot more flexibility tends to come into play.

An in-call booking is when the client is able to visit the home of the model and spend time with her in the setting of her house. This can be a very exciting experience depending on where you go and can often provide clients with a safe and discrete place to have their booking. Some people are not always able to afford a hotel and that is perfectly fine too when choosing to have an in-call booking. We do ask that if you are choosing to make an in-call booking you are respectful of your companion and her home, after all, you are a guest, act like it!

In contrast, outcall bookings allow clients the ability to book companions outside of the companions house. Whether this is a dinner date, hotel booking or a booking at your home. Essex Outcall bookings tend to cost a little bit extra for the time, effort and money that the model has to invest. If choosing to make an outcall booking please call to enquire about the suitability of your booking so that we are able to make any recommendations or give you advice.

When making an outcall booking you are in the fortunate position to be able to set the atmosphere before your companion arrives, this ensures that if you put in the effort the mood will be just right for your romantic booking. Please ensure that when making an outcall booking the venue is safe for our companions and you will not be putting yourself, or our girls at risk.

Question: Can I cancel an outcall?

Answer: If you choose to cancel an outcall the procedure is that we will charge you a 50% fee if cancelled upon arrival or if an escort is on route to the booking. If you let us know far enough in advance there shouldn't be a problem, although we may take note for future.

Question: Is escorting legal?

Answer: Yes. It is completely legal to be or book an escort in England and the rest of the UK. Here there are no laws against escorts, however, there are laws against street prostitution. As an escort, you are able to choose your own hours and have the right to take or refuse bookings as you see fit. We as an agency, are in no way controlling our companions and they are independent in both choice and business. As an agency, we only work to promote these girls so that they can become successful escorts.

There is a large difference between an escort and a prostitute. At Sparkles Escorts when booking an escort you are choosing to pay a companion for the time that she spends with you. People choose to book companions for plenty of reasons, some just to sit down and talk, others to have a meal with, others to travel with and others to fulfil a particular fetish. However, with this being said, whatever happens between you and your companion happens between two consenting adults and is not the product of force.

Question: Why are our girls so cheap?

Answer: Sparkles Escorts provide a wide range of girls including £150 escorts, and £210 escorts because we aim to provide both competitive rates and a wide variety of companions to cater to clients of different budgets. With this being said, even our cheapest escorts are beautiful, elegant and adventurous. Personality for us at Sparkles Escorts is vital when we recruit our companions and no matter what price you charge we expect you to be of a certain standard in able to join our agency

Question: How do I pick the right girl?

Answer: Choosing the perfect girl for you is a tough choice and whilst you don't have to marry these girls, we can definitely appreciate the gravity of this decision. Each and every person has their own preferences in girls so whilst this decision is majorly opinion based, we can make a few suggestions which might help.

To choose the perfect companion, first consider the following:

  • What body type do I like?
  • What hair colour/eye colour do I like?
  • Is it busty girls I desire?
  • How naughty do you want your companion to be?
  • Do you love girls that get dressed up?
  • Where will I be booking the escort?
  • Do I have a preferred age range?
  • Do I have a fetish?

Question: How and Where should I leave a review?

Answer: We really appreciate when clients decide to leave positive and constructive feedback, which is why we allow visitors to leave a review on their favourite model's page to let the next person see how great a service we provide. It's completely optional whether or not you leave a review and all reviews are anonymous, with this being said we do really appreciate the time and thought it takes to write a review so if you have something nice to say about your favourite girls let us know!

If you have already left a review on our website, or would rather leave a review somewhere else it may get read, websites you can do this at include:  www.theeroticreview.com.

Question: Are the reviews genuine?

Answer: Yes, as far as we are aware all reviews are genuine that have been posted are legitimate and have been posted by clients of our agency. Whilst we do delete spam reviews and hate-posts we do tend to receive positive reviews from those that are legitimate.

General Booking Questions

Question: Is it possible to book a travel companion?

Answer: Yes, at Sparkles Escorts we have many travel companions that will be more than willing to accompany you on your trip. To enquire about travel companions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss this in further depth.

Question: What is included in a dinner date?

Answer: A dinner date usually consists of a 4-hour booking, 3 hours spent at a restaurant and 1 hour of private time. This is up to the discretion of the companion you are booking so call us for more information.

Question: How many hours are included overnight?

Answer: Overnight bookings tend to be 8 hours however you can request a 12-hour booking if you would prefer, for rates view girls profiles.

Question: I can't get in touch using the telephone number, any advice?

Answer: Whilst we do make an attempt to be as easy to contact as possible if we are on the line feel free to use the contact email on www.sparklesescorts.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

Question: How long can I book for? What is the minimum? What is the maximum?

Answer: Typically the minimum booking time is 1 hour however with this being said you can view the minimum amount of time that you can book by viewing the profile of whichever model you are choosing to book. The maximum booking time is up to the discretion of our models; I would recommend calling us to enquire so that we can better understand your plans and help you to arrange your booking.

Question: How Long Will the Escort Take to Arrive?

Answer: Our models aim to reach their clients in 1 hour of booking if the client has requested a booking at short notice.


Question: What payment methods are accepted?

Answer: For now we only accept cash at Sparkles Escorts. For more information on bank transfer call or email to enquire. If this changes we will update the website.

Question: Do you Accept Credit Cards?

Answer: As stated above, we currently only accept Cash.

Question: Are Fees Negotiable

Answer: No. At Sparkles Escorts what you see is what you get. All prices are set rates.

Question: Do you accept other currencies?

Answer: No. All cash must be British legal tender and paid in Great British Pounds(GBP).

Question: Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Answer: No! At Sparkles Escorts we pride ourselves on being professional, trustworthy and reliable. We aim to keep our customers best interests at heart which is why all prices are set. The only cost we may incur is if you choose to cancel an outcall booking at short notice. See here.

Question: Is booking an escort worth the money?

Answer: Yes! We may be biased but at Sparkles Escorts we believe that we provide a valuable service which we know our clients really appreciate. We work very hard to maintain a positive brand image and through doing this we ensure that not only are our model's first-class, but our agency is also able to provide the service our clients desire whether this is bookings or customer enquiries.

Question: Are Taxi Fares Included for Outcall Rate?

Answer: If our girls are close to you yes, however, if you are booking from further afield this is unlikely. I suggest you call to enquire depending on where you live.


Question: How Should I Prepare for my Booking With a Sparkles Escort?

Answer: Clients should treat a booking like any other date, if not more seriously- after all, you are paying for it! 

Our girls appreciate when clients take the time to wash, dress smart and provide a lovely atmosphere. It is important that even though you are paying for your companions time, you also treat her with respect and aim to impress her. The stronger you can build a connection the more rewarding your booking will feel for both you and your companion. Aim to make the experience positive, memorable and unforgettable.

Question: How do I book an escort?

Answer: To book an escort first view our gallery, next choose a girl who you desire, after this either use the contact email or call to enquire to double-check her availability or alternatively use the bookings form to book and we will respond as soon as possible. Both bookings through the phone and bookings form are simple and straightforward and we aim to make the bookings process as painless as possible!

Question: Can you book a hotel/dinner-date for me?

Answer: If you would like us to book a hotel or dinner date for you we would be more than willing to make suggestions as to where your companion may like to assist you in your endeavours. We understand that it is not always easy to find and book the perfect hotel/restaurant for a date, especially if you have not met the girl yet!

Question: How far in advance do I need to book? How far in advance can I book?

Answer: We will be more than happy to take serious booking requests so long as they are at least 90 minutes before your booking.

In terms of a maximum amount of time, the furthest in advance we will consider bookings is 1 month so if you are doing this please be sure about your date. You are able to change the date of your booking so long as we have noticed and your companion is available at the given time-slot.

Question: Can I call you short notice?

Answer: Yes, as close as 90 minutes before your booking.

Question: Can I meet in a Bar or Hotel?

Answer: Yes! We welcome you to book our models at a bar or a hotel, with this being said, please give our companions the cash in the first 10 minutes of meeting them without our models having to ask. It is important to be a gentleman and respect our companions.

Question: What Time can I call?

Answer: Our lines should be open 24/7, in the event that they are not please use the bookings form on our website.

Question: It is my First Time Booking an Escort, do you Have any Advice? What Should I Expect?

Answer: At Sparkles Escorts we always love meeting first-timers and showing them the ropes. There is nothing to be nervous about and both you and our agency aim to make your booking a positive and rewarding experience. Our girls are very welcoming and will be happy to either take the reigns or let you see where your booking can lead. If you have any questions before your first booking feel free to call us and we will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have to make your bookings experience as fantastic as you had envisaged.

Question: Can I talk to an escort before a booking?

Answer: Yes! At Sparkles Escorts we welcome any client who would like to talk to their escort before booking, this is because we understand that for some people building a rapport is important before meeting and it also gives customers a chance to enquire and learn more about what they should expect.

Client Safety & Discretion

Question: Is This Service Discreet?

Answer: Yes! Our girls are both elite and discrete. We ensure that we are as subtle as possible so as long as you are discrete everything should be fine!

Question: Can I use WhatsApp to Book an Escort

Answer: No, currently you can not use WhatsApp to book; however we do allow people to inquire using WhatsApp at the current time.

Question: What Information do You Require From Me?

Answer: To make a booking we expect to receive your full name, address and postcode. This is for travel and safety purposes and will not be disclosed to anybody else. Your discretion is safe with us.

Question: What information do you need for an outcall booking?

Answer: We require the same information as in the question above.

Who Do you Cater To?

Question: Do you cater to clients of all races?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Do you Cater to Disabled Clients?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Do you cater to Overweight People?

Answer: Yes!


Question: Are you Recruiting?

Answer: Yes! Visit our recruitment page and fill out our user-friendly recruitment form!

Question: Why Should I Join Your Agency Instead of Another Agency?

Answer: Sparkles Escorts have quickly developed an outstanding reputation amongst both clients and escorts for being an agency that truly cares about their girls. We ensure that our girls are safe at all times and with this in mind, you can expect to meet many interesting and well-travelled clients. We are already becoming one of the most popular escort agencies in London, Essex, Berkshire and Hertfordshire ensuring that when joining our agency you will be promoted to the correct audience.

Question: Do you Have a Good Reputation?

Answer: Yes! Sparkles Escorts have a fantastic reputation for being a professional, reliable and versatile escort agency in terms of both the way in which we operate and the companions which we recruit.

Question: Do you get a lot of business?

Answer: Yes and the number of customers which we receive has and will continue to increase.

Question: Do you Get Enough Business to Provide me Work?

Answer: Yes! That is why we are recruiting!

Escort Safety

Question: Will I be Safe?

Answer: Yes! Whilst there is always a risk in this industry, we take great care to eliminate any risks and minimise the odds of them happening.

Question: What Sorts of Clients do You Receive?

Answer: We receive a wide range of clients from a variety of different backgrounds and the variety of bookings we receive is also diverse.

Question: What should I do about aggressive clients?

Answer: We have procedures in place and will discuss this throughout the recruitment process, in short, leave the moment your client is being disrespectful- you do not have to tolerate that.

Question: Where Can I Get Escort Advice?

Answer: There are a variety of forums and services to help escorts to receive much-needed advice, these include:

Question: Do we check that cash is real?

Answer: Of course! We check that all cash is real!

What are we Looking for?

Question: Are you recruiting male escorts?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Are you recruiting female escorts?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Are you recruiting transgender escorts?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Do I need to Have a Particular Dress Sense?

Answer: Our clients appreciate the sexy, yet professional dress sense. Look classy!

Question: Do I Need Experience?

Answer: No experience needed!

Question: Do I Need a specific sexual orientation to join your agency?

Answer: No!

Question: What Ages do you Recruit?

Answer: All escorts that we recruit must be over 21!

Payment as an escort

Question: What Hours will I Have to Work?

Answer: Working hours are flexible!

Question: Will I earn much?

Answer: Like any job, payment tends to come down to dedication, skill and commitment. If you put in the hours and impress your clients I am sure you will make a good living!

Question: I have more questions, where can I ask them?

Answer: If you still have questions feel free to use the contact form, email us or call us. We will be more than happy to assist you!

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