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Frolics in Finchley

It was 21:30pm in Finchley, North London, and a group of close friends sat at the dinner table. Each partner sat opposite their spouse. Anna was married to Jacob, Reese was married to Harvey, and Rob was married to Darcy. Jacob swirled the red wine around in the glass and put it to his lips, all under the watchful eye of his wife Anna.

This evening was supposed to be a relaxed time between friends but Anna could never totally relax. She always felt there was something between Jacob and well just about everyone. She would accuse him of flirting with a lollipop lady whilst in a moving vehicle and even a lady checking them in for flights before a holiday.

Anna’s insecurities were hard to deal with but Jacob usually numbed it down with alcohol. If Anna wasn’t so busy watching Jacob she would have noticed that Darcy was looking at Jacob’s lips and inside Darcy’s mind she was imagining a lot more than Jacob sipping his wine.

Darcy knew of Jacob’s pain of dealing with Anna and all of her accusations, but she also knew that Jacob was a good man and would never step outside of his marriage. The question Darcy needed to ask herself was why was she feeling so quick to step outside her own marriage.

Rob was a good husband, he looked after her and the kids, he went to work and paid the bills, but something called a ‘Spark’ was missing. Darcy was willing to risk everything because she needed that ‘Spark’, that embrace that meant something, that skin-to-skin contact that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. It would never happen with Rob, even Rob knew it…