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Until now Borehamwood High Class Escorts have been hard to come by but thanks to Sparkles Escorts residents are able to book some of the most beautiful escorts in Hertfordshire.

Borehamwood is a town located in the south of Hertfordshire and has a relatively small population, due to this it's no surprise that finding escorts in Borehamwood has been tough in the past. Borehamwood itself has a rich heritage and a history of parish society stemming back to 1188AD. Since then a radical combination of technological progression and residential expanse has lead to a very different Borehamwood that we see today and you're sure to be impressed by the possitive movements that have been made to make this town such a special region in Hertfordshire.


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The 24/7 Escorts Borehamwood currently have to offer are honestly outstanding for such a small location and our clients have already made comments about the high standard of services that our escorts in Borehamwood have been delivering. It's lovely to see that when we branch out to a new area we receive such positive feedback, because it's that feedback which we strive for and aim so hard to achieve.

When recruiting our girls we go to great steps to ensure that they are not only perfect for our clients, but perfect for our agency and everything which we represent; this is why we go through such lengths in the training and recruitment process to upskill our companions so that our clients aren't only impressed, but blown away by the immensity of our gorgeous Borehamwood escorts.


Spending Time With Busty Escorts in Borehamwood


Whether you have been living here for your whole life or you're coming down for the weekend, it's always tough planning a date with a gorgeous companion which is why we're here to help!

Borehamwood has plenty to offer perspective visitors when booking a companion from Sparkles Escorts:

  • Elstree and Borehamwood Museum:

Elstree and Borehamwood Museum is a local history museum which opened in 2000. Since then overwhelming support from local volunteers has allowed the museum to grow and acquire a large catalogue of interesting items used to display in exhibitions. I'd definately recommend this Museum if you've never been as it's definately one of a kind. If you love to test the whits or engage in an intellectual discussion with a Borehamwood escort then this is definitely the right place for you!

Over Christmas the following dates will be open for visiting:

Thursday 22nd December,
Thursday 29th December,
Saturday 31st December,
Tuesday 3rd January,
Wednesday 4th January,
Thursday 5th January,
Saturday 7th January. 

To learn more about Elstree and Borehamwood Museum visit their website: Borehamwood Museum

Reviews: Borehamwood Museum Reviews


  • Borehamwood Market:

The Borehamwood Market is a local general market located in Borehamwood High-street. This market offers visitors a change to purchase a variety of goods and depending on you week you might just find a hidden gem! Perfect if you're the type of person who loves to purchase a gift for your date.

The opening times for the Borehamwood Market are as follows: Tuesdays and Saturdays: 7am-4pm

To learn more about Borehamwood Market visit this website: Borehamwood Markets and  Borehamwood Market Reviews


  • Kiyoto Sushi:

As the name suggests Kiyoto Sushi is a Sushi restaurant based in Borehamwood that offers an amazing pallet of flavours; perfect for first-timers or experienced Sushi concourses. Authentic cuisine is available here with an impressive variety of well-prepared dishes and their menu is honestly mouthwatering. To top it off, prices are fair and the service is great, I'd definitely recommend this as a date location but make sure you check with your companion first if they are allergic to any of the ingredients!

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 12pm - 3pm: Lunch Service 5pm - 9.30pm: Dinner Service

Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 3pm: Lunch Service 5pm - 10pm: Dinner Service

To learn more about Kiyoto Sushi make sure to visit their homepage: Kiyoto Sushi

 Kiyoto Sushi Reviews


  • Likya Ocakbasi Restaurant:

Likya Ocakbasi provides customers with an amazing opportunity to taste authentic Turkish cuisine in the comfort of Borehamwood. This well maintained restaurant boasts excellent service, outstanding reviews, a delectable menu and outdoor seating available.

To learn more about Likya feel free to read Reviews: Likya Reviews


Ibis London Elstree, Borehamwood:

Ibis is a hotel in Borehamwood which boasts cheap prices and a wonderful atmosphere. A bar and restaurant are both available to customers and breakfast is also a possibility. With 122 rooms available I doubt they'll run out of space any time soon.

To read more about the Ibis Hotel visit their website: Ibis Hotel Borehamwood

Reviews: Ibis Hotel Borehamwood Reviews


Whilst all of these options are great choices when booking slim escorts in Borehamwood, I'd definitely suggest taking the time to research the area and what your particular companion is interested in. The more effort you put in to anything the higher the reward and this definitely rings true for dates! Borehamwood is a town with plenty to do, plenty to see and plenty to love. If you're interested in learning more about Borehamwood why not visit some of the links above!





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