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Ware Escorts

High-Class SG10 Ware Escorts

Ware is a small market town with a population of 18,000 located in Hertfordshire, England. TheWare Escorts that Sparkles Escorts recruit are truly exceptional and know this area like the back of their hands. Ware feels like the ‘English dream’ meets Venice with old, rustic buildings, plenty of nature, and the pristine River Lea flowing by. This town boasts plenty for wildlife enthusiasts and makes for the perfect autumn walk if you’re so inclined. The Rye Meads Nature Reserve and the nearby River Lea are the perfect addition for such a picturesque town and surely emphasise the importance of preserving local habitats and appreciating the natural beauty of such a gorgeous town.

The name Ware originates from the Saxon period most likely when King Alfred the Great ordered weirs to be built to strand Viking ships on the River Lea. It is these weirs that influenced the name of the town to become Ware. The (most likely) largest bed in England was built in Ware in the 1590’s and put on show throughout various Inns, even Shakespeare has refereed to this bed! Now found in the Victoria and Albert Museum, located in London, visitors can come to view the bed for themselves!