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Tips for Men: How to Be a Better Lover?

If you are looking for tips to become a better lover, you have come to the right place. Being good in bed is also a booster of any romantic relationship. Moreover, it is part of getting the utmost pleasure and prestige for the men in our society. You must have heard some people are naturally good lovers. However, worry not if you are not one of them. Today, we are sharing a few tips that will help you become a good lover and make your partner happy.

Be empathetic, take consent and communicate

One of the qualities of a good lover is being empathetic. This means the person understands the point of view of his partner. This is one of the most attractive traits any woman can find in her partner. For instance, if you are in the middle of the act but your partner is uncomfortable with certain aspects, then be empathetic and try to understand her. Look at what accounts she is saying this to.

Consent is crucial even for a small body, like a gesture on hand. Make sure that your partner is also willingly participating in the act. Don’t forcefully get your partner to do such sexual favors that they are not comfortable with.

The last thing is communication, which helps you better understand your partner’s needs and expectations. So ask your partner what they like in bed and research about it. For instance, they might not like being touched on specific areas or have issues with the location. You can also tell your partners what you like. This will give an excellent two-way experience.

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Let her take the charge

This can outturn several women. Letting her take charge means you are giving her priority, which is caring and strong. This provides the girl to understand what they want. This is one of the sexiest traits to please your partner. However, it is also subjective to one’s personal preference. Some women like the men taking charge, which is a conventional approach.

You can communicate such things with your partner to understand their needs better and provide them with what they want. So make a checklist of such points for further discussions.

Don’t shy away from experimenting

Experimentation is one of the best ways to ramp up your bedroom skills. You can start by watching porn websites that will offer you a site for inspiration. Your partner may also have some specific expectations to fulfill from that experience. So, experimenting helps in keeping things spiced up. Moreover, spicing it up doesn’t mean stirring trouble. Instead, it will help build a more comfortable yet exciting experience for your partner.

Involve adult toys

Simulation and role-playing are very crucial for lovemaking. This arouses sexual intimacy with a rented girlfriend who guarantees a good climax and ultimate pleasure. You start by using simple adult toys or just a vibrator. When you master these, you can go ahead for next-level pleasurable activities with effective simulation.


Talking is one of the sexiest tracks, but when it’s done correctly. Some boys try to make their voices sound harsh. This is a complete no for your first date. Girls can easily find out when you are stating the truth and when you are not.

Stimulate the sensitive regions

There are several sensitive organs in the body like ears, eyes, surroundings, elbows, side part of the stomach, etc. So touch gently on these parts to increase the excitement of the foreplay.


If you are searching for a girlfriend, you should also be prepared for date night. It is the first impression, and a girl decides whether to continue with that person.

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