Top 10 Cocktail Bars in London: A bartender expertly pouring a drink into a glass.

Top 10 Cocktail Bars in London

The global bartending fraternity holds London’s bar culture in the greatest respect since it is no longer unknown or outrageous. Whatever your drinking preferences, there will be a cocktail bar near you in London. The issue is finding the appropriate one. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top cocktail bars in London, and our guide includes every best cocktail bar.

You can find everything from luxury hotel locations to seedy speakeasies, clubs, nightclubs, and secret basements here. They all serve appealing cocktail drinks that will blow your mind and thrill your taste senses. The most delicate negroni, the most creative martini, and the nicest, most entertaining crowds will all be at these significant places.

Connaught Bar

Connaught Bar london

The most upscale venue in town is, without a doubt, the Connaught Bar. Its interior, which was created by the legendary David Collins and featured a glittering black art deco theme, takes visitors to a more abundant world where everything sparkles and shines. Thankfully, it is the exact result of Agostino Perrone’s superior Connaught Martinis, served from trolleys with custom bitters and Italian charm.


Nightjar london

The renowned East London speakeasy Nightjar is known worldwide as a successor of the London cocktail trend. Everything you would expect to find is available here, and you can have some fun with hot girls with excellent cocktails. Along with favourite Nightjar classics and large-format sharing drinks, you can enjoy live music, classic, glamorous decor, and an easily accessible setting that feels miles away from London’s busy streets.

Three Sheets

Three Sheets bar london

Three Sheets, a local tavern, consistently splits its cocktail menu by intensity but changes it weekly. Look to the One Sheet line for drinks like Grape Soda, a delicate fusion of pisco, jasmine, and grape leaves, while the Two Sheets line raises the stakes. If the outbreak gave you a taste for practising your bartending skills at home, the excellent Highbury supermarket Top Cuvée also sells bottled Three Sheets cocktails.


Martinez bar london

The Martinez is a members-only cocktail lounge established in the summer of 2021 on Soho’s Greek Street. Its admirable goal is to highlight drinks that were long forgotten yet helped create current cocktails. Naturally, there are also “post-prohibition” cocktails on the menu, and the bar staff is willing to fulfil off-menu requests and don’t go off course when there are Tommy’s Margaritas as well as Breakfast Martinis available!


Mezcaleria Bar london

Along with his predecessor Maxim Schulte, Matthias Ingelmann created a smart cocktail menu that took two parts essential to Lastra’s cuisine and turned them into two distinctive drinks from a list of traditional servings. In contrast, cucumber and pine are used in a martini and a highball, while sorrel and hops are turned into a mezcal sour and a rum fizz, and it is perfect for having some time with a beautiful brunette girl.

Bar Américain

Bar Americain london

The Bar Américain may have only been around for a short while, but it already has the air of a storied cocktail establishment. It’s one of those bustling, high-volume establishments that runs like clockwork. It’s located in a basement close to Piccadilly Circus, and you can also have some fun with an elegant blonde escort. The classics are authentic, the service is prompt and polite, and live jazz is constantly playing in the background.


swift bar london

Due to its two separate sections, this classy cocktail bar offers something for everyone. For a relaxed evening and a wide selection of cocktails, including live music, downstairs is a popular choice among Londoners. You might also get a drink on the upper floor and contact Sparkles agency for extra fun. There is another Swift Bar located in Shoreditch, although the one in Soho is considered to be the original.

Tayer + Elementary

Tayr Elementary

Visit Tayer + Elementary for unique flavours produced with seasonal ingredients, another double-bar establishment. Simple and industrial characterise Elementary’s front bar. Watch Shoreditch pass by while sitting on the stool by the window. Tayer, the magic happens in the back bar. Enjoy the renowned katsu sando while sipping the creations of London’s top mixologists at this restaurant, built around an open kitchen island.

The Coral Room

The Coral Room bar london

The Coral Room is the ultimate place for an ideal night out in London. The striking and relaxing coral-coloured walls are ideal for Instagram, and the sleek art deco furnishings bring you to a time of luxurious sensuality. There’s also a quiet cigar patio that’s heated in the winter, an exotic cocktail menu, and ‘the world’s longest range of English sparkling wine,’ which sounds pretty nice to us.

The Bloomsbury Club

The Bloomsbury Club bar london

The Bloomsbury Set liked drinking almost as much as they liked having joyful relations, and this bar is a tribute to their lives. In addition to detailing the cocktails, the menu also provides important information regarding which drinks were mixed. You can have a perfect night with the finest slim and busty escorts in London, so be careful not to Woolf these classy cocktails down too quickly when you are at The Bloomsbury Club.

The Bottom Line

Whenever it comes to mastering mixology, London’s best cocktail bars bring things to another level. These places elevate drinking to an art form with smoke and dry ice billows. These top cocktail bars in London are excellent for you whether you’re seeking to party, get a little crazy with pals, or after the perfect drink for a date night.