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Top Pickup Lines To Approach An Escort

Whether you want to date Sparkles escort or any woman, your initial interaction is everything. The thumb rule is that if you open well, you will end well. If not, chances are high that you will crash and burn. However, knowing a few basic things will be more than enough to break the ice much better than any well-executed line.

The basic science is that women are more attracted to men who can make them laugh. This quality can go a long way, especially when meeting up for the first time. Below are a few pickup lines that many girls may not have heard before. However, what you do and how you proceed after these lines is entirely up to you.

Hey, That Is My Mother’s Name

You can stick with this line when nothing else comes to your mind, or you do not feel like putting in much effort. Here what you do is quite simple. You go up to the girl, introduce yourself and ask her name. No matter her name, you should look excited, and your standard reply should be – Oh no, no way. That is my mother’s name. After that, if you get the scope, gently hold her hand and kiss the hand. If you can manage to kiss her hand, that is a key indication that she likes you.

This approach is so powerful that you can simultaneously impress even two escorts, even if they are standing next. But, of course, in that case, you have to say that one of them has your mother’s pet name while the other has your mom’s real name, so you have two moms, which is why you are such a sensitive person.

However, you got to be careful. The girl is not supposed to figure out that you are lying, or she should feel that the whole thing is too funny.

It Seems You Could Use A Drink

This line can have mixed results and everything depending on the girl. Also, it would need quite a bit of courage. However, things will be hilarious, and you can have a lot of fun and enjoyment with hot girls if you can pull it off well. First, you must go up to the girl and grab her glass. Then, you chug it and slam it on the table. Then you say – it seems you could use a drink. Will it be alright if I buy you one?

She will let you buy the drink unless she is in a very bad mood. If not, she may get annoyed and call you names, thinking you might be trying to roofie her.

I Guess This Is Yours, And You Dropped This

If you are the kind of guy who is shy, this one is a clutch. It works in almost all kinds of situations. You can use this line at the gym, a restaurant, or anywhere.

You must have something in your pocket like a currency bill or something or even just a fresh note. On that, write down your name and number. Once you have chosen the girl, take out the bill, write down your name and number, and drop it on the floor. Then, pick it up and go up to the girl. You may tap her on the shoulder or approach her and say – Sorry, I think this is yours, and you dropped it. See to it that your name and number face upward and are easily noticeable.

If things go well, she will call you or text you and may even ask you out on a date. However, in case she is not interested, you will at the most lose a couple of bucks and perhaps a shred of pride.

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Do You Know How To Count Shoulders

Yes, this is indeed a cheesy line. However, it does not mean that it will not work. Go up to the girl whom you intend to impress. Ask her straight – Do you know how to count shoulders? In most cases, the girls get surprised since most do not have any idea about what the man is talking about. That gives you an excellent opportunity to get friendly and tell her not to worry since you will assist her.

Start with your shoulders. Count one, two, and then count her shoulders three and four. Finish the activity by putting your arm around her. She will probably let you keep your arm around her, and she will keep talking to you.

Hope you have an idea about picklines that works while approaching an escort. Still, Top 10 Babes is always around to help if you have any queries.