A woman in a turquoise lingersuit posing on a couch, wondering "Where is the after party?

Where is the after party?

Alexi and Andrea were getting dressed at Andreas’ flat in Brentwood. They had planned to go to the Sugar Hut, which is a famous Essex night spot frequently visited by the stars of hit the T.V. show TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex). Andrea knew that they would have to be looking extra good to be let in at that venue.

They had both been shopping in Buckhurst Hill and Loughton in the afternoon and Queens Rd had some decent designer boutiques that had the right clothes for Sugar Hut. The girls only passed by Braintree to grab some lunch at another Essex hot spot. Essex had always been famous really, from its days on the telly with “Birds of a Feather” lording it up in Chigwell, to Essex girls making Romford and Barking and Dagenham famous for their Essex ways.

Princess didn’t live to far from Andrea and was from Ongar. Princess was from the ‘Upper Class Side’ of Ongar and if her family knew what she was up to in life she was sure she would be disowned. But she was happy and her bills were paid and no one seemed to ask any questions about how she earned her money. Maybe they buried their heads in the sand?

Andreas’ father was a barrister in The Chambers in London and her mother was a marketing manager in the same chambers. They were either always at work or at various functions and Andrea grew up with a German Au Pair guiding her in life. Little did her naïve parents know that the Au Pair was also a lady of the night, aka a Call Girl or now widely known as an Cheap Escort