A high-class London escort in a red dress posing for a photo.

Why choose Sparkles

Remember the Ronseal advert, does it say on the tin? Well, that ethos is something we feel very strongly about. That resonates with us because we feel like we bring that Sparkle into the lives of those we meet and interact with. We care, take our time and make quality over quantity decisions and we are highly courteous with all the people we come across.

We research and extensively know all areas we cover. So, from Essex Escorts to Hertfordshire Escorts and from North London Escorts to East London Escorts, we know where to find the best spots if you’re looking for a massage or a cocktail for two- we know how to cater to you. So, from Hornchurch Escorts to Bow come to give us a go and we won’t let you go!

What do we do? We are the butter between the bread and the filling, we keep it all together. We introduce people together and provide a knowledgeable service for our clients. We immerse ourselves in local areas that we cover, for example, if a client was due to stay in Canary Wharf and was looking for a hotel to stay in, we could give that Client our recommendation of where to stay, where to dine out, and perhaps that client might want some company for that evening meal.

We are that excellent service, we are the ones who know where to find that best Brazilian steak in Greenwich, we are the ones who know where to shake your groove thang in Westminster, get dirty in Dulwich, and get peckish in well Peckham. We could rhyme all day with the knowledge we have on London Escorts and surrounding counties.

So why book with us? Why not book with us – is more the question, we don’t use over-glamourized photoshopped images to entice you in, we are the real deal and we strive for perfection and we don’t photoshop that. We give you a realistic time frame and keep you informed always. We look after our clients and repeat business is appreciated and we do not take that for granted.

Welcome to our world, a Sparkles world, pleasure to have you on board xx