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Riks Knowledge

Sounds of yet another police siren echoed past Ricks mum’s council flat in Ware. Ambulances and fire trucks sounds were a regular noise around Rick’s estate, alongside the noise of the constant street chatter and wailing cats and howling dogs that is.

Rik was desperate to change his circumstances and wanted a better life for his mum too. Rick had been studying the knowledge to become a cabby for the County of Hertfordshire Taxi’s.

He had always seen himself as a cheeky chap and had a deep love for the country roads of Hertfordshire. The areas fascinated him and he always knew the back roads to everywhere, well at least in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire. Rick was never one to be a lazy mind, but the ease of being an Uber cab driver was pulling against his mind to join them. Rick’s long term girlfriend Alexi lived in Hertford, by Hertford East train station. Rick from a young lad, used to cycle there after school to go and see his childhood sweetheart, it’s all the cycling from Hatfield to Cheshunt, that started Rick on his thirst for Knowledge and his love for the streets and places of Hertfordshire. The police siren faded off into the distance, Rick smiled to himself and wondered how long until the next one!

Right he flicked back to his page in the country maps, ‘Now, the right route from Elstree to North Mymms to Bishops Stortford’, ‘and the quickest route but avoiding all known hotspots of traffic, right!’ he thought ‘I’ve got this’, it must be the knowledge that I do at least I will have that under my belt!’ Just as his brain was getting the routes all mapped out, Drakes tune ‘Hotline Bling’ rung on his phone, that was Alexi’s special ring tone. Although Alexi thought it was annoying Rick. He liked it as he thought Alexi was extra hot. She told Rick how annoying work was going for her that night. She worked in a trendy wine bar in Watford and it was frequently visited by regular Watford socialites.